JOINT-TYPE C-4560 (8.31.4560C)


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This product is a JOINT-TYPE C-4560 with a mass of 0.815kg. It allows for the connection of two profiles or an electrical box. The connection can be set to be either rigid or movable. First of all, a joint is connected to a profile, and then another profile is connected onto it. Type C joints are attached to the p Finally, the alternative is having a fixed connection, setting the connected profile to a certain angle and fixing it in that position.

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Colour and material: Zinc Plated Steel
Fastening Set Includes: 1(M8x16 Bolt, M8 T Nut)+1(M8x20 Bolt, M14-M8 Hole reducer)

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*The price specified excludes VAT.
Item number: 8.31.4560C

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