5 reasons why Conveyor Belts are so popular

Automation is a growing industry and a fiercely competitive one; therefore, a competitive advantage is efficiency. Increased efficiency is key and can be achieved.

The belts move the material in a straight direction or they can be moved through directional changes; and elevation. One feature of conveyor belts is that when transporting the materials, it is done through controlled movement. Belt conveyors, gravity roller, a chain conveyor or whichever your business requires; they are a crucial asset.

Here are five main reasons as to why conveyors are so popular in industry:

  1. Material handling: The speed and efficiency provided by conveyors when handling materials contributes to increased productivity; thus making it easier to meet production targets.
  2. Reduces injury: Being designed to handle heavy loads, they reduce workplace injuries that employees could incur when moving large or heavy loads.
  3. Environmentally friendly: No fossil fuels are needed to operate conveyor belts therefore no harmful emissions are released. Making them an environmentally friendly addition to the working environment.
  4. Secure handling: Conveyor belts are used to move various types of material; their speed can be adjusted to suit the material being handled; this adjustable speed allows for secure handling.
  5. Versatility: A key benefit of conveyors is how versatile they are. Loads of different shape, size and weight can be moved across the belt, contributing to the efficiency of a company.

With the increased desire to have maximum productivity with low costs – conveyors are helping business achieve this goal. Outside of automation conveyors are also suited in the following industries:

  • Food processing – Belt conveyors as well as Vibratory and Flexi-screw conveyors are popular in the food processing industry
  • Bottling & Canning – often multi-lane conveyors are used
  • Mining – conveyors are prominent in the mining industry. There you can find PVC and Rubber conveyors being made use of.


Whichever industry you find yourself in, there are numerous choices in which conveyor is best suited for your business.



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