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Modular Assembly Systems

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Stair & Platform

Easily assembled for your convenience by using our stair and platform range. It is a versatile product that can be combined with our other ranges. The stair and platform system is suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications without any extra machining.


Easily manufactured workstations. Workstations for a wide variety of applications can be assembled by using our Modular Assembly products.

Modular Assembly System

Combining our different systems creates an application that can suit your needs. This application was made by using our stair & platform, tubular framing, and modular system. With the universally applicable products in MAT's Modular Assembly System, you can quickly find a successful solution.

Machine Guard

Modular Assembly offers a variety of styles for Machine Guard Systems. They can be used to protect equipment, structures, and your staff as they perform tasks near and around machinery and storage areas. The Machine Guard System is a separate system that has been designed to meet the different kinds of demand from customers.


Conveyors can be adapted to suit specific production conditions and individual layouts. Modular Assembly conveyors are sophisticated in appearance and easy to assemble.

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Meet your Modular Assembly National Business Development Manager. We cut to order to meet your application needs and deliver straight to your door, nationwide.

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