CUBIC CONNECTOR ZINC 45mm x 45mm & SET 1 (3.92.4545.01.ST)


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CUBIC CONNECTOR ZINC 45mm x 45mm & SET 1 (3.92.4545.01.ST)

This product is a cubic connector, which is a connecting element. First of all, this connector is used primarily in corner connections, where three profiles intersect. The cubic shape of the connector allows for these three profiles to be connected to each other at 90 degree angles. In addition to its shape, there are a few holes in the connector, and fastening elements can be fastened through these hole to connect everything to each other. In conclusion, this connector is suitable for use with PG45/50/60.

Includes: 3x M8x20 bolts, 3x M14-M8 hole reducer bolts.

Connector Material & Color: Die Cast Zinc Cap Material & Color: Black ABS

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