CUBIC CONNECTOR ZINC 45mm x 45mm & SET 2 (3.92.4545.02.ST)


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CUBIC CONNECTOR ZINC 45mm x 45mm & SET 2 (3.92.4545.02.ST)

This product is a cubic connector, which is a connecting element. First of all, this connector is used primarily in corner connections, where three profiles intersect. A cubic shape allows for these three profiles to be connected to each other at 90 degree angles. In addition to its shape, there are a few holes in the connector, and fastening elements can be fastened through these hole to connect everything to each other. In conclusion, this connector is suitable for use with PG45/50/60.

Includes: 3x M8x20 bolts, 3x M14-M8 hole reducer bolts.

Connector Material & Color: Die Cast Zinc Cap Material & Color: Black ABS

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