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Weight: 0.133 KG


This product is a DOOR MAGNET & SET with a mass of 0.133kg. The magnet is attached onto a swinging door and to the top frame right above the door. This fixes the door in place when the door is in its closed position. This holds the door in place and makes the sure the door doesn’t simply swing open or get blown open by the wind. Someone has to apply a light force to the door to open it intentionally.

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Colour and material: Doormagnet-stainless steel Connector-zinc plated steel
Fastening Set Includes: 2(M4x6 Bolt)+2(M3x8 Bolt)+2(M6x12 Bolt, M6 T Nut)+2(M6x20 Bolt, M6 Washer)

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Item number: PNDH.DM.ST

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