INNER BRACKET 10-B (WITH SET SCREW) PG40/45/50/60 (3.41.10B)


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INNER BRACKET 10-B PG40/45/50/60 (3.41.10B)

This product is a inner bracket, used to connect elements. Inner brackets have a low cost, but also a high efficiency. Therefore they are widely used for the assembly of door, window and protection frames. The bracket is L-shaped and slides into the t slot of an aluminum profile, and can also slide to any position along the length of the profile. There’s also a bar sticking outward and upwards at a 90 degree angle. This extruded bar slides into the t slot of another profile to connect the two profiles to each other. In addition to this, fastening elements can also be used to fasten the bracket in place and fix the profiles together. For use with PG40/45/50/60.

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