JOINT TYPE A – 40mm x 40mm (8.32.4040A)


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JOINT TYPE A – 40mm x 40mm (8.32.4040A)

This product is a steel joint, which is an additional accessory. It allows for the connection of two profiles or an electrical box. The connection can be set to be either rigid or movable. First of all, a joint is connected to a profile, and then another profile is connected onto it. Type A joints are attached to the end of a profile, and it can also be tilted along its axis. In the case of the connection being movable, the connected profile will be able to be moved back and forth along its axis as desired. Finally, the alternative is having a fixed connection, setting the connected profile to a certain angle and fixing it in that position.

Includes 2x (M8x20 Bolts, M14 to M8 Hole Reducer Bolts)

Material & Color: Zinc Alloy

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Item number: 8.32.4040A

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