PA6 HINGE 45/45 & SET (


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PA6 HINGE 45/45 & SET (

This product is a pa6 hinge, which is a door and window element. Product is made of PA6 plastic. It is generally used to connect two elements to one another, allowing one to rotate around the other element – swinging outwards or towards the other element, similar to the function of a door. First attached to one profile, with connecting elements such as screws being driven through it for a solid connection to the element, another profile soon follows. The second profile is also connected with screws, or the connecting element of your choice. Once these two elements are connected, one of the two profiles can swing around the other, acting like a door.

Material: PA6 Color: Black   Includes fastening set, containing: 4x (M8x16 Bolts, M8 T Nuts)

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