T-SLOT COVER GRAY PG40/45/50/60 (4.21.10.GY)


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T-SLOT COVER GRAY PG40/45/50/60 (4.21.10.GY)

This product is a T-slot cover, which is a profile accessory. Length is 2000mm. T Slot Cover is used to protect profile slots from contamination and also improve structure appearance. These are PP plastic covers that clip into the t slots of aluminum profiles. They hide these slots when they are not being used to connect anything to give your finished structure a more complete look. In addition to the decorative benefits, it also protects the profile from rust or contamination settling into the t slots, which will inevitably happen eventually if left fully exposed.

Suitable for PG40/45/50/60.

Material and Color: PP Gray.

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*The price specified excludes VAT. *Each piece is 2 meters long

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Item number: 4.21.10.GY

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