V -Slot Gantry Plate (T3.126.88)


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V -Slot Gantry Plate

It’s a large mounting plate designed especially for the C beam profiles. It’s a robust & compact guidance system.

The V-slot gantry plate is designed to run on all 20mm sides of V-Slot linear rail.

This gantry plate is made from 6061-T5 aluminium and is a smaller version of the larger V-slot gantry plate.

This gantry plate is for use with the 20mm side of the extrusions only, this makes it a great alternative to the mini V plate when larger wheels are needed.

Fold through slots have been added to allow the timing belt to be easily folded back onto its self and clamped in place.


Model: 6061 – T5 plate

Material: Anodized aluminium

Size: 127 x 88 x 3mm

Colour: Black

To download 3D-STEP CAD file: Click here.

Item number: T3.126.88

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