Top 5 benefits of choosing t-slot aluminium for your projects

Flexible design

The great thing about t slot extruded aluminium is that it’s modular so you can easily add to a profile, remove what’s no longer needed or even re-position workstation set-ups easily. That reduces the need to buy new set-ups when changes take place and saves money for other areas of the business. This flexibility is a leading reason so many manufacturers are choosing it as a build option over welded steel. The ability to quickly react to changing business needs is critical in today’s demanding, fast paced market.

Cost and labour savings

Since the frames can easily be added to or changed and components are reusable, cost savings can be realized. From material costs to time saved compared to building steel welded solutions, the savings in costs and efficiency provided to employees at these stations is great.

Strong and reliable structure

Extruded aluminium is a very strong material and in manufacturing industry applications is capable of handling high load applications.

Fast and precise assembly

Precision is important and with the combination of t slots and extruded aluminium, a secure fit is attainable. Not to mention the fact that even employees can easily assemble structures onsite since there are no complicated pieces or configurations.

Lightweight and appealing

A machine that works well should also look good in the workplace. Aluminium is shiny, appealing to the eye and will look good while providing a strong, reliable solution for your guarding and other project needs.


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