What you need to know about Machine Guard Systems

Machine guard systems are a precautionary safety feature on manufacturing equipment, personnel, facility as well as your inventory from various hazards. Protective guarding such as machine guard systems are used as a shield towards harmful areas of machinery to prevent contact with body parts and controlling chips and noise pollution exiting the machine. Machine guarding is often the first line of defence to protect operators from injury while working on or around industrial machinery during normal operations. It is critical that workplace equipment must be guarded. Guarding and safety regulations over all moving parts on equipment and power tools.

When deciding on protective guarding, go through the following checklist:

  • What machinery needs guarding
  • Do a risk assessment on the machine and implement
  • Probity of injury and how serious the injury would be

How machine guards can be used

Machine Guard Systems can be used in a variety of areas throughout a facility to protect the facility, equipment and personnel working with and around that equipment.

  1. Palletizing: Surrounding a robotic palletizer work cell to prevent contact with the robot arm.
  2. Manufacturing: Protecting workers from contact with moving parts, projectiles or hazardous fluids.
  3. Specialized switches that alert through loud bells or buzzers should unauthorized access occur.
  4. Around fixed rails surrounding moving equipment or machinery.

5 Benefits of Machine Guard Systems

  1. Equipment Protection: By protecting manufacturing and material handling equipment, protective guarding prevents damage and associated costs due to impact.
  2. Facility Protection: The structural integrity of the building can stay maintained by protective guarding as it deflects any vehicular impacts.
  3. Reduce Labour Expense: Protective guarding systems can reduce the probability of worker injury, decreases downtime and loss of productivity
  4. Reduced Risk of Injury: Preventative measure with moving equipment as it reduces the chance that staff will be injured by operating machinery.
  5. Safety: Delineate areas of potential danger, protective guarding enhances facility safety

Industries best suited for:

  • Appliance Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Materials Processing
  • Chemicals
  • Commercial Printing
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Pharmaceuticals
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